"Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families who are faced with life-threatening diseases, through the prevention and alleviation of suffering through early identification, impeccable assessment and elimination of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual (World Health Organization, 2002) "

Palliative care is not aimed at any specific disease, it covers the period from the diagnosis of severe and incurable disease to the end of life, as well as the period of mourning due to a painful loss, the palliative period may vary from several years to weeks or (less frequently) days. It is not a synonym of concern in the last moments of life, but it also covers it. Palliative care should begin in primary care by a family physician who knows the health of the patient best. It is not intended for patients with malignant disorders. Palliative care is needed for all patients with chronic progressive diseases: cardiovascular, COPD, cerebrovascular insulitis and dementia, progressive neurological diseases, chronic renal disease, etc.

The beginnings of organized palliative care in our country date from 1994, when the first Hospice was opened with the financial help of the Sue Ryder Foundation in England - intended for patients with malignant diseases in the palliative stage of the disease, which as a separate department was opened in assembly of the Gerontology Institute "13 November", an institution that since 2019. has been transformed into a Specialized Hospital for geriatric and palliative medicine "13 November" - Skopje. The hospice has 75 hospital beds, and within it the daily hospital also functions. The approach is multidisciplinary, besides doctors of many specialties there is also a social worker and a psychologist, as well as specialized nurses for geriatric and palliative medicine. In 2004, as well as in the Specialized Hospital for geriatric and palliative medicine "13 November" in Bitola, the same hospital Hospice was opened with 75 hospital beds.

Over the past 20 years, Hospices have been developing in the direction of improving the quality of services for patients and their families, applying the protocols of Paliatin Medicine, prescribed by the European Association for Patients, as well as by the World Health Organization. Also, over the past period, the staff has received numerous certificates in the field of Palliative Medicine, at the Reference Centers for Palliative, such as London, Brasov, Bydgoszcz and others. and gained knowledge about the application of the most modern medical protocols in the area of ​​the palliative. Since 2008, within the Hospice in Skopje, a team for palliative care in the patient's home, composed of a doctor and nurse, has started to work, covering a small number of patients on the territory of Skopje.
In 2010, a National Palliative Strategy was adopted, which contains an action plan for the coming years in order to expand all palliative care services - opening a larger number of palliative beds in several hospital centers throughout the country, increasing teams for home treatment in other cities and the creation of a network of palliative services available to all citizens of the country in the form of a network.

The Association for Palliative Care started its activity in December 2017, when the Founding Assembly was held, the leadership of the Association, divided the Accessaries, was elected. As a member of the Association can be any doctor, who in his practice is treated with the treatment of palliative patients. The aim of the Association is to promote the concept of palliative care and to encourage the community to support its development, to familiarize and educate the general public and citizens on the importance of palliative care, to educate health professionals in the field of palliative medicine.

The Association functions within the Macedonian Medical Association, it has a Statute, which is at the same time the Statute of the MMA, cooperates with other such Associations in the world, and from 2018 onwards. became a member of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC).

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